Current Specials

“Pask” (Peel & Mask) Treatment Special     $150-

This treatment offers the best of both worlds of Chemical Peels & Traditional Facials. With this newly offered service the aesthetician will design a “Pasking” treatment specially for your skin. By combining the two together we can offer the increased cell turnover and mild exfoliation of a chemical peel with the soothing and otherwise corrective nature of a professional masking and facial. There is no down-time or follow up visit necessary (as normally seen with chemical peels). Make your skin feel like new again: remove the winter with a PASK!

Gently Exfoliating, Hydrating & Rejuvenating, Good for All Skin Types


Divine Diamond Facial     $95-

This luxurious facial includes a unique masque that is specially formulated with real diamond powder to provide intense moisturizing and hydration, visibly reduce pores, improve suppleness, detoxify and promote cell regeneration, and soothe skin from allergies. This treatment is complete with a professional double cleansing, personalized corrective serums, and hydration for your skin type. Renew your complexion with the glitter of diamonds!

All Skin Types, Moisturizing & Softening, Pore Minimizing & Detoxifying


Ice Sculpt Facial with High Frequency Treatment     $85-

A cooling facial that will make you forget the heat of summer! This icy facial is perfect for reducing inflammation from Rosacea or Acne. Our Ice Sculpt masque actively cools the face calming inflammation, decongesting puffiness, and minimizing pores. The added high frequency treatment enhances blood circulation, increases collagen and elastin production, eliminates toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourages lymphatic drainage, and improves skin care product absorption

Calms & Cools Skin, Minimizes Pores, Good for Problematic Skin Types: Rosacea & Acne


Organic Seaweed Collagen Facial with Galvanic Treatment     $75-

This wonderful facial contains a high concentration of collagen protein, vitamins, and minerals for a plumping pick-me-up. To make this an even more effective anti-aging facial it is coupled with a galvanic treatment. Galvanic treatments use a low electrical current to help smooth wrinkles, tighten muscles, increase blood circulation, and aid in the penetration of skin care products into the deeper layers of the skin while also increasing the skin’s capacity to absorb nutrients. This facial imparts a glow and makes your skin look firm.

Anti-Aging, Hydrating & Smoothing, Good for Mature & Dry Skin Types



Brazilian Wax Special!

  • Single Brazilian for $55*
  • Package of 3 Brazilians for $150

*Regularly $75